Cast Iron Pipes

Was your house built during or before the 1970s? If so, your house may be sitting on a ticking timebomb – cast iron pipes. This type of pipe was regularly installed in Florida’s houses for decades. However, there is a risk that they can literally destroy your home from the ground up. This year alone, Get Paid For Your Claim has recovered more than $300,000 for claims related to cast iron pipe failures.

Why Are Cast Iron Pipes a Problem?

Cast iron pipes were originally installed under house foundations as plumbing lines, both for clean water and sewage. Over time, as water interacts with the iron in the pipes, hydrogen sulfide gas is created. This gas can oxidize and create sulfuric acid, which corrodes the pipes from the inside out. In addition to this, the high moisture and salt content in Florida’s soil corrodes the pipes from the outside in. The end result of all of these corrosive elements is that the pipes, which were originally thought to last 80-100 years, only have a lifespan of less than 50 years.

Signs and Symptoms of Corroded Cast Iron Pipes

Some common indicators of pipe failure are:

  • Slow drainage
  • Water back-up in sinks or toilets with a rusty build-up or sediment
  • Cockroach infestation
  • Sewer gas odor
  • Mold
  • Off-color water
  • Warped wood floors
  • Discolored floor tile or grout

If your home is experiencing any of these issues, your first step is to contact a plumber to snake a tiny video camera through your pipes to check for corrosion. Get Paid For Your Claim can recommend licensed plumbers if you don’t already have one. If corrosion is found, immediately contact Get Paid For Your Claim to begin the claims process with your insurance company.

Repairing Corroded Cast Iron Pipes

Generally, it is not practical to replace a small section of corroded pipe. To properly fix the issue, it is necessary to dig up all of the cast iron pipes from under the foundation and replace them with PVC piping. The cost for doing this can run from $10,000 to more than $100,000. Insurance companies are known to undervalue or deny these claims due to their high cost. They may claim the corroded pipes were caused by pre-existing damage, normal wear and tear, or improper maintenance. In fact, recently, some insurance companies started specifically excluding corroded cast pipes from their policies.

What You Should Do

If you have corroded cast iron pipes, call Get Paid For Your Claim today. We will carefully analyze your homeowners insurance policy to understand your coverage, contact the insurance company, and file a claim on your behalf. We will negotiate tirelessly until we have received the maximum settlement possible from your insurance company to cover replacing your pipes and any ensuing damage that the corroded pipes have caused. Don’t delay – you don’t want to find you have a problem later on, after your insurance company has excluded cast iron pipe repairs from your coverage.

Insurance companies have their own team of experts and insurance adjusters to advocate on their behalf.  At Get Paid For Your Claim, weadvocate for you.  As a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster, we help insurance policyholders who have been forced to use insurance to make a claim.

Our service is fast and to the point.  We get results.  We know how to strategically move the process along, while negotiating on our clients’ behalf toward the best possible outcome — the maximum settlement available.

The earlier a public adjuster is brought into the process, the better the opportunity to help you obtain a more favorable claim settlement. As soon as you engage our team, we swing into action on your behalf.  And, we support you throughout the entire claim process to achieve the maximum insurance recovery. 

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