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Public Adjuster Case Studies

Toilet Leak in Fort Pierce

The homeowner had upstairs water damage due to a toilet supply line leak. The water damaged the vanity upstairs, baseboard and walls and went under the floor tile and leaked down to the first floor, damaging the lower kitchen cabinets and baseboard and walls in adjacent rooms. The insurance company issued an initial payment of $11,500 prior to our representation. Once involved, we invoked the appraisal provision of the policy and ended up obtaining an additional $26,000 for the client.

Tropical Storm ETA in Delray Beach

The high winds and pelting rain of Tropical Storm ETA caused roof tile damage, gutter damage and water intrusion through the outside porch of this Delray Beach home. We represented the homeowner and the insurance company originally denied coverage. After further negotiation, we were able to settle the claim for $68,000.

Storm Damage in Coconut Creek

The insurance company originally denied the roof and paid a nominal amount only for interior damages. We retained the services of an engineer who clearly demonstrated that the damaged roof was a result of wind-related activity. We ended up settling the claim with over $50,000 in damages to cover the homeowner’s roof replacement and interior damages.

Water Heater Leak in Boynton Beach

Client’s insurance company paid $2200 in damages which, when applied to a $2500 deductible, meant that they received nothing. What’s worse, the company the insurance company sent out to dry their home did a poor job doing so, allowing mold to grow. We successfully obtained $23,000 for our client for the repairs to their home and the insurance company also separately paid for the professional mold remediation.

Air Conditioning Leak in Coconut Creek

Client’s insurance company paid $6800 for new flooring in master bedroom and closet and some painting claiming that the water intrusion was limited to those rooms. Our team took the claim from there and contended that there was mold present and water damage to the kitchen cabinets. We obtained a settlement in the amount of $20,000 new money to compensate our clients properly and provide them a new kitchen.

Water Damage in Margate

Client’s insurance claim was denied outright. The carrier said that there was no proof that hail caused the openings in the roof or on the exterior of the house where it was cracked. We proved that hail did, in fact, cause both the roof opening and the cracks in the stucco and that the water that migrated inside the home caused the damages. We obtained $15,000 for our client.

Hurricane Irma Damage (Roof, Water Intrusion, Mold) in Pembroke Pines

The homeowners suffered roof damages and water intrusion as a result of Hurricane Irma. Their insurance company estimated that there were 30 tiles broken or missing on their roof and, along with the interior damages, estimated the costs to repair at $8559.82. Given that they have a deductible of $6735.00, they were issued a check for $1824.82.  The homeowners, referred to me from a mutual friend and a client of mine, suggested they give me a call. We were retained, and, after an additional roof inspection and ongoing negotiations, we were able to secure an additional $51,257.11 as settlement of their claim.

Hurricane Irma Damage (Roof and Leaks) in Boca Raton

The homeowners suffered damage to their cement flat tile roof as a result of Hurricane Irma. The insurance company, after inspection, indicated that they believed that the damages to the roof and the interior of the home did not exceed the hurricane deductible. After we were retained, we went to work and secured $26,000 above the deductible for the homeowners to replace their roof and get the necessary repairs done.

Hurricane Irma Damage (Roof, Water Intrusion, Mold) in Boca Raton

The homeowners suffered damage to their roof from Hurricane Irma which caused water intrusion into a few areas of their home and destroyed much of the screens in their patio enclosure. Water that got into their master bathroom caused mold, requiring the entire bathroom to be gutted and redone. The insurance company's initial offer was $14,416.00. After further negotiation our adjusters were able to negotiate a final settlement of an additional $54,000.

Water Leak in Boca Raton

The client had a leak from the supply line behind the guest bathroom shower pipe, causing water intrusion into the master bedroom closet, damaging drywall, baseboard and engineered hardwood flooring. The insurance carrier tried hard to find a match to the floor, but we were able to convince them that there wasn’t a possible match. They ended up paying out over $55,000 after the deductible.

Roof Damage in Delray Beach

This client had widespread damage to his roof and interior as a result of Hurricane Irma. At first, the insurance company wanted to only pay a nominal amount to cover interior damages and their roof engineer determined that there was no windstorm damage to the roof, contrary to our expert’s opinion. We moved to the Appraisal process and were able to obtain an award of over $142,000 after the deductible.

Hurricane Damage in Parkland

This client noticed some staining from water damage in the kitchen and living room area of her house. After we inspected and examined the roof structure, we determined that there was damage from Hurricane Irma that caused the broken tiles resulting in the damage. We were able to secure a settlement for over $162,000 after the deductible.

Hurricane Damage in Cudjoe Key

This claim involved damages caused by Hurricane Irma in Cudjoe Key. The client’s insurance company paid him quite a bit less than he needed for repairs. He retained our services and we were able to settle with Citizens to provide an additional $20,000 so that he could perform his repairs.

Storm Damage in Boca Raton

This claim involved a weather-related water leak into the house through the front bay windows, causing damage to the engineered wood flooring, which was continuous throughout the house. The insurance company initially denied the claim and we were able to have it re-opened. The claim settled recently for $55,000.

Roof Damage in Boca Raton

This claim involved roof and interior damage as a result of Hurricane. The insurance company hired an engineer who didn’t believe that the damage to the roof was caused by the Hurricane. Our expert confirmed that it did, and we were able to settle the claim for $50,000, providing the client enough to have the entire roof replaced and get all of the interior damage repaired.

Water Damage in Master Bathroom in Parkland

Client was referred to me after she had a leak from her jacuzzi tub located in her 2nd floor master bedroom which caused damage to the ceiling in the kitchen right below it. The insurance company initially provided payment of just over $3500 to cover the repair and repainting of the kitchen ceiling. We invoked the appraisal clause in her policy and was able to obtain another $38,000 to cover the redo of her master bathroom that needed to be damaged in order to repair the tub.

Water Damage in Kitchen in Boca Raton

Client is a neighbor of mine and called me after realizing that her dishwasher had been leaking. Upon further inspection, we saw damage to the side of her kitchen cabinet from the water and a repair person got out there right away to fix it. The insurance company’s adjuster saw another area of the kitchen that had been a bit worn from time and added this to his report. This led the insurance company to deny the claim, stating that the damage was long-standing and wear-and-tear. We kept fighting on, however, armed with pictures showing freshwater damage to the cabinet next to the freshly-leaking dishwasher and ultimately was able to settle the claim to the client’s satisfaction.

Hurricane Damage in Naples

This homeowner contacted me a few months after Hurricane Irma, complaining that his insurance company’s field adjuster barely reviewed the damage at his house and didn’t even go on the roof. He said the only communication after the inspection was when he received a check for $787.12 for payment of his damages. He retained us and we provided a detailed inspection and provided a complete report and estimate of damages to the insurance company and successfully negotiated an additional payment of $115,000 to cover his repair costs.

Hurricane Damage in West Palm Beach

This homeowner had damage to his intercoastal-front condominium as a result of Hurricane Irma. After inspection by the insurance company, his claim was denied citing wind-driven rain as the cause and claiming that no coverage existed. He retained us and we were able to not only reopen his claim but get the entire policy limits paid.

Water Damage in Bathroom in Miami

A leak in a shower caused widespread damage to this older Miami home, requiring much of the sheet rock and tiles in the guest bathroom to be removed in order to fix the leak. After we inspected the property, we noticed that there was also water damage affecting the hall closet and the master bathroom that backed up to this bathroom. We were able to get our entire estimate paid for repair of the damaged property and an additional $22,000 to cover re-wiring the electrical in the house in order to bring it up to code.

Fire Damage in Key Biscayne

Client suffered a fire to their condominium, damaging several areas including the kitchen cabinets and wood floor, not to mention contents damaged by heavy smoke. We were retained from the outset and we secured for them a 6-figure settlement with the insurance company which provided enough to do all of the repairs and replace the contents that were damaged, not to mention provide off-site living allowance during the restoration period.

Water Damage in Fort Lauderdale

Client’s AC drain line leaked one day causing damage to the drywall in the AC closet as well as damage to the engineered wood floor that continued throughout the entire house. The insurance company, after their initial inspection, provided a payment of $8300 after the deductible was taken out, for payment of limited flooring and painting and telling her that she could sand and stain the rest of the floor. She retained us and we were able to secure a settlement of an additional $26,500 to completely replace all of the flooring in the house as well as paint all areas and replace drywall. We were also able to secure payment of the mold policy limits for testing and remediation.

Roof Damage in Pembroke Pines

Client had severe roof tile damage as a result of Hurricane Irma back in September 2017. When I inspected the property for the first time, I saw at least a dozen of these tiles sitting on the ground around the house. When I went on the roof, I saw more broken tiles and felt many loose tiles. The insurance company initially stated that they didn’t feel the roof needed to be replaced and that the damage didn’t exceed the hurricane deductible. Through further negotiation we were able to secure a settlement that covered replacement of the entire roof. (Pembroke Pines, FL)

Hurricane Damage in Palm City

A client filed a claim with metal roof and interior damage to her home caused by Hurricane Irma. The insurance company initially determined that the damages were less than her deductible. We were retained and recently settled her claim for $47,986 over her deductible.

Water Damage in Lantana

A client was referred to me a few months back with damage to their bathroom from a shower pan leak as well as damage to kitchen cabinets from a sink faucet leak that occurred within a few days from each other. After weighing the options, the client retained us to file and manage both claims. We were successful on both at settlement, providing enough money to the clients to get a new bathroom and new kitchen.

Roof Damage in Wellington

In September 2018, a client saw some leaking in her bathroom and dining room from heavy rains. We determined that there was widespread roof damage and broken tiles attributed to Hurricane Irma from September 2017. We filed a claim for her and recently settled for enough to get the entire roof replaced and all interior repairs completed.

Hurricane Damage in Dania Beach

The homeowner made a claim with his insurance company who, after inspection, provided payment for $3,516.76. They paid a minimal roof repair, gazebo damage and painting some drywall. Once retained, we properly scoped the damaged kitchen cabinetry as well and were able to secure an additional $29,000 for him.

Hurricane Damage in Lake Worth

As a result of the pressures caused by Hurricane Irma and the lack of power and growing humidity in their house, the insured had several floor tiles pop up. The insurance company initially denied her claim. After we got involved, we were able to procure a settlement in the amount of $18,750.

Refrigerator Leak Damage in Fort Lauderdale

The homeowners suffered damages to their kitchen cabinets wood floors in 2 rooms from a refrigerator leak. They filed a claim with their insurance company who issued payment for just over $5,200 to cover the damages. We were retained and properly inspected the damage and supplied the insurance company with a proper scope, thereby settling the claim for an additional $32,573.00.

Roof Damage in Boca Raton

A client realized just back in August after a period of heavy rains that there was a roof leak. Further investigation determined that there were several broken roof tiles, which we surmised were caused by the high winds of Hurricane Irma in September 2017. We filed a claim and recently settled for $61,000, enough to get all of the repair/replacement work done.

Water Heater Damage in Lake Worth

A client had a water heater leak in her home, causing damage to drywall in several rooms of her house. We were able to procure a settlement of just over $30,000, which equates to our entire estimate of damages, including water mitigation costs and mold remediation costs, so she can get all of the repairs done quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage in Palm Beach Gardens

A client came to me a few months back with tens of thousands of dollars in damages from an air-conditioning leak and an estimate and check from the insurance company not even close to what was needed. We undertook representation of her claim and recently settled and obtained an additional $67,572.00.

Roof Leak in Cooper City

The homeowner suffered damage to ceiling, laminate flooring and drywall as a result of a roof leak in their Cooper City home. The laminate flooring covered the entire second floor of the house. We were able to secure a settlement with the insurance company on her behalf to cover all repairs in excess of $78,000.

Air Conditioning Leak in Wilton Manors

An AC leak caused massive water damage throughout this Wilton Manors home, damaging laminate floors in 3 bedrooms, damaging plaster-covered drywall and kitchen cabinets. In addition, during mitigation by the insurance company’s chosen contractor, there was some tile broken. We were able to secure a settlement award at appraisal to cover all of the repairs, including the tile floor replacement, in excess of $60,000.

Water Leak in Boca Raton

A pipe behind a wall located in the dining room of this Boca Raton home caused flooding into several areas of the house, damaging carpeting and drywall in 2 bedrooms as well as the lower base cabinets in the kitchen. We were able to secure a settlement to cover all of the repairs in excess of $26,000.

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