As a Business Owner, Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

Filing a property insurance claim can be one of the most stressful experiences you will ever endure, especially as a business owner. Filing a claim as a business is different  from filing a personal claim. It lacks the emotional aspects of a personal claim, but this does not mean it is any easier.

What are the Reasons Business Owners Can File a Claim?

There are several reasons a business owner might be able to file a claim. For instance:

  • They own property and experience a loss directly related to that property
  • They experience a loss of goods as a result of a covered loss
  • They suffer a business interruption

As a business owner, you need to be concerned about how your losses will affect your business both short- and long-term. Not to mention, business owners do not have the time or ability to wait around for insurance companies to stall and use their manipulative tactics. Working with a public adjuster means you will have a third-party handling the situation and working on your behalf. He or she can review your policy and negotiate with the insurer to ensure the most efficient settlement of your claim.

What are a few specific reasons a business owner should hire a public adjuster?

Improve Your Chances of Getting the Best Settlement

Public adjusters receive a portion of your settlement, which means it is in their best interest to get you as much as possible. Public adjusters review the fine print in your policy and are able to make the most of your situation – literally. Since they are benefitting from you, they work hard to create the best possible arrangement.

Leave No Stone Unturned

A public adjuster’s full-time job is to review your policy, identify damages, and make the most of every claim. Their entire focus on is on settling your claim in the best way possible for you, so you do not need to worry about anything being missed. Many business owners do not even realize what types of damages they can claim, but public adjusters do know. They are able to uncover problems that would go unnoticed by the insurance adjuster.

Focus on Priorities While the Work Gets Done

Filing an insurance claim can be time-consuming and any time a business owner’s focus is pulled away from his or her primary responsibilities, the business suffers. Working with a public adjuster means you will be able to focus on your business while the adjuster works on your behalf. Business does not stop because of an insurance claim – at least it should not – and a public adjuster will make sure it does not need to.

Speed the Claims Process

It is no secret that filing an insurance claim can be a long and arduous process. Working with a public adjuster speeds things along and allows business owners to put their loss behind them. Public adjusters not only keep things moving along, they know the tactics of the insurance company and understand the process, so you will avoid many of the most common delays when filing a claim.

Filing a property damage claim as a business owner can be a significant drain on your resources and time. All too often, this drain occurs when your business needs the most attention. The goods new is working with public adjusters enables you to reduce stress, get a bigger settlement, and put the entire ordeal behind you as quickly as possible.

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