How a Public Adjuster Can Help You for More than Just Hurricanes

There are many reasons people contact public adjusters in the state of Florida. It is common to think public adjusters are called upon most primarily for hurricanes, but that is not the case. While there has been a recent rash of hurricanes in the Sunshine State, there actually was a 11-year gap between 2005 and 2016 when no hurricanes hit the state.

Public adjusters are helping consumers on a more frequent basis with issues that aren’t related to natural disasters like hurricanes. It is important to know that public adjusters can help you in many situations. So when should you give a trusted public adjuster a call?

Public adjusters can help you after damage from any storm or natural disaster. They are able to provide an assessment of the damage to homes and automobiles and other property, and can provide you information about filing your claim with the insurance company.

Hiring a public adjuster makes it possible to cut through a lot of the red tape. They hasten the process of your claim and can offer assistance if your claim is denied or delayed. A public adjuster represents you and the sooner you bring one into the process of placing your claim the better.

Public adjusters work for you – not insurance companies. They will file your claim with the insurance company and prepare a written estimate. Then they can handle a lot of the negotiating on your behalf. Working with a public adjuster after a disaster of any kind levels the playing field and allows you to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company. Adjusters have battled insurance companies before and they are not intimidated by then. They also know a lot of the tactics that are used by insurance companies to scare off property owners – and they do not fall for them.

And though an adjuster is a valuable resource following a hurricane, this is not the only situation when you would want to turn to an adjuster. They can be there for you anytime there is damage to your property, be it through storm, wind, smoke, fire, earthquake, flood, vandalism, or theft.

If you are home suffers any damage from broken pipes, toilet leaks, air condition leaks, fires, smoke or wind, a public adjuster will work on your behalf.

Consider turning to a public adjuster for any of the following reasons:
• You don’t have time to deal with the insurance company demands
• You are confused about your policy
• Your damage is extensive
• The insurance company is trying to quickly pay you off or discouraging you from hiring a public adjuster
• If you are getting the run around

Public adjusters can be an excellent resource to get you through a tough time and get you the claim you deserve. Remember, they act as an expert advocate on your behalf in any home damage situation, and you don’t it to be a severe weather situation like a hurricane to employ their help.

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